We often read about why one  should file an annulment in the Philippines. But we do not read too much about certain things that make people hesitate, if not stop, about ending their marriage and why not go ahead in the face of these things.

1) IT IS TOO EXPENSIVE- Why spend 200 to 300 thousand pesos, which is the average cost of filing  an annulment in the Philippines , a small fortune for many, hiring a lawyer and a psychologist to look into your past? It is like getting a hard rock to hit your head with. The same rock you hit your head with when you got married to the wrong guy or girl. With payment plans and expert  attorneys (you just have to be careful in choosing one, and yes there is no such thing as a free annulment unless you are talking about a church annulment), is that really too high a price to pay for your freedom? Many people have spent more and done less to be free.
2) IT TAKES TOO LONG. Who really wants to spend the next year and a half to two years (which is what you are looking at by way of the time it takes to complete the annulment)  pursuing the  process just to get a monkey off their backs. You have been married to the same person for the last 10 years but have been separated for the last 9 years. It is now 2017,  you can survive the next 10 years of your life with the same monkey. Yeah right!!
3) I’M HAPPY, HE’S HAPPY. Good for you. But he or she might just be happier than you. Look at the Facebook photos. They look so happy. Don’t forget the monkey. In time, the monkey feels like a pig and a few years more it feels like an elephant.
4) I MAY JUST GET SCAMMED. Very true. In fact, why am I being given 5 good reasons not to get an annulment on a website with a list of  lawyers in the Philippines? Heck, you can get scammed buying groceries but is that any reason not to eat? Just be careful. There are ways to avoid these scams.
5) MARRIAGE IS ONLY A PIECE OF PAPER. Yeah and getting rid of a marriage will involve more than throwing away that piece of paper, or if you are into the drama, flush it down the toilet. Not once but twice. Emotionally, if not gastrically, you will experience a release—even if only temporarily—but will you really be free when you hold the real love of your life in your arms or feel the exhilaration of being swept off your feet. Again, it is hard to be carried to the threshold the second time around with an elephant hanging around your shoulders.

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