There was one judge in Quezon City  who used to require lawyers and attorneys appearing before him to show their Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) identification Cards. This, I thought , was a very good practice because too often I have wondered if all the lawyers and attorneys appearing in our courts and quasi-judicial agencies are actually licensed to practice law, or God forbd, are really the lawyer persons they are claiming to be. As far as this writer knows, there is no definitive list of lawyers and attorneys in the Philippines, which would include all members of the bar who are actually still living. True, you have the Roll of Attorneys of the Philippine Supreme Court , which I noted of late has been requiring mug shots ( so to speak) of incoming members of the bar. This was not the practice when this writer passed the Bar. There was a photographer who,  we assumed was authorized by the Supreme Court, to take several pictures of the signatories of the Roll of Attorneys. After the photo op, the guy would approach you for money to buy the photo. So I never thought that  the photos taken were official. At least now, they ask the incoming members of the bar to pose with their Roll of Attorneys Number for all posterity  (like they do for the accused in the movies) . Poor new members of the bar. Let us all hope that they were read their Miranda rights.
Going back to the official Supreme Court Roll of Attorneys, it includes the date of birth, place of birth,  date of admission to the Bar, and Roll Number of a lawyer. However, except for those who were born a century ago, how sure are we  that Attorney Pandoy who is representing us in a case  is really Attorney Pandoy who is listed in the roll of attorneys. For all we know, the guy is already dead. The secondary list of all lawyers and attorneys in the Philippines is that of  the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP), which after all is regulated by the Philippine Supreme Court. But at best, the IBP list merely shows those who have dutifully paid their IBP membership dues. But how about those who have gone abroad or those who have passed on to the final judgment??What if some unscrupulous individuals saw the opportunity to use the name of Attorney Pandoy who has gone on to the next life and continued to pay his IBP membership dues, or worse, was able to obtain a Lifetime card after paying the required fee.  It is not very difficult to pass one’s self off as a lawyer. You see it on television everyday.In fact, some actors are better at it than some lawyers we know.

So the next time you are left wondering if the lawyer you hired is really a licensed lawyer or pretending to be one, ask him or her  for some proof or, consult the lists mentioned above. If you are still not satisfied, log on to this blog when you can because we will try to come up with an updated list of sorts.Nothing official though. Just some contribution in our own small way of educating and informing the public at large, and yes lest we be charged of being blase about it, improving our web site traffic as well.

We will approach the updating of the list of lawyers and attorneys of the Philippines , initially with the 2009 updated list of lawyers who passed the recent bar examinations. We will work from the bottom up using the official roll of attorneys of the Supreme Court of the Philippines.



1. ABABA, Victoria D.
2. ABAD, Bernard O.
3. ABAD, Francis Michael C.
4. ABADEZA, Melissa A.
5. ABALOS, Christian Noel C.
6. ABALOS, Joseph Ryan C.
7. ABALOS, Mcdonald G.
8. ABANTE, Priscilla Marie T.
9. ABARCA, Jerome G.
10. ABAYA, Mark Francis P.
11. ABAYON, Jerome B.
12. ABDULLAH, Noor Hafizullah M.
13. ABEJARON, Arnold C.
14. ABELITA, Peter Filip S.
15. ABELLA, Marie Velle P.
16. ABENOJAR, Lilian C.
17. ABESAMIS, Ellen V.
18. ABO, Rolando T.
19. ABREA, Elton Dick J.
20. ABRENICA, Angelee Marree A.
21. ABUCEJO, Joan D.
22. ABYADANG, Harriet N.
23. ACHAS, John Albino C.
24. ACOSTA, Carl De Liz L.
25. ADJU, Annally T.
26. ADMANA, Gerlie A.
27. ADRIANO, Alexander D.G.
28. ADRIANO, Karen J.
29. ADVINCULA, Ma. Carolina T.
30. AFRICA, Voltaire B.
31. AGAAB, Jose Raphael E.
32. AGATEP, JR., Orlino D.
33. AGGALAO, Arnold O.
34. AGRAVANTE, Evelyn T.
35. AGTARAP, Florina C.
36. AGTARAP, Richard M.
37. AGUAS, Princess Luren D.
38. AGUDO, Elma Jewelle A.
39. AGUILAR, Aileen R.
40. ALANO, Joseph Rod Allan C.
41. ALBO, Aubrey F.
42. ALCANTARA, Abraham Joseph B.
43. ALCARDE, Princess May C.
44. ALCOREZA, Joden B.
45. ALCUAZ, Alfonso Ismael A.
46. ALEGRE, Jacqueline Ann C.
47. ALEGRE, Marife M.
48. ALEJANDRO, Henry D.
49. ALEJANDRO, Johnsen H.
50. ALIBANIA, JR., Eliseo C.
51. ALICER, Arthur Anthony S.
52. ALILAM, James G.
53. ALIPIO, II, Abraham C.
54. ALISUAG, Ma. Lenina C.
55. ALLAM, Marion P.
56. ALMA JOSE, Sylvia R.
57. ALMALBIS, Jelou F.
58. ALMARIO, Gilbert S.
59. ALMARIO, Shari-christine S.
60. ALMAZAR, Michael Barney R.
61. ALMERO, Rowena Joyce R.
62. ALMOETE, Martee L.
63. ALMOGUERA, Hanil B.
64. ALMONTE, JR., Bienvenido B.
65. ALONZO, Timmy Joy S.
66. ALPAY, Zinia P.
67. ALUNDAY, Reynold B.
68. ALVINA, Cynthia L.
69. AMBOANG, Louilyn N.
71. AMIGABLE, JR., Felizardo D.
72. AMIS, Kathryn D.
73. AMISTAD, Christian B.
74. AMOD, Merxel Mae O.
75. AMOR, Aileen L.
76. AMOR, Fernando R.
77. AMORA, JR., Lilio J.
78. AMPIG, Francis Athanasius D.
79. AMPONG, III, Teodulfo S.
80. ANDRES, Gilbert T.
81. ANDUMANG, Archie R.
82. ANG, Arlon U.
83. ANG, Juvielet Jeanne A.
84. ANGELES, Albert Lee G.
85. ANGELES, Erwin C.
86. ANGELES, Erwin Rommel S.
87. ANIAG, Mark Anthony V.
88. ANITO, Mylene A.
89. ANONAT, Jerry C.
90. ANTERO, Richard S.
91. ANTIG, Pamela Angela U.
92. ANTONIO, Elizabeth B.
93. ANTONIO, Hannah Lorraine Y.
94. ANTONIO, Harold M.
95. AOANAN, Kleider Rex C.
96. APAO, JR., Mariano L.
97. APASAN, Joseph Ryan C.
98. APILADO, Louella Xylee T.
99. APOLINARIO, Charmaine C.
100. APUYOD, Jesus F.
101. AQUENDE, Hardy B.
102. AQUINO, Magnolia P.
103. AQUINO, Mark M.
104. AQUINO, Paolo R.
105. AQUINO, Patrick T.
106. ARANAS, Melchor Jaemond A.
107. ARAULA, II, Felix B.
108. ARBOLADURA, Rhea A.
109. ARBOLEDA, Lisette M.
110. ARCE, Cecilia Maria Rosario M.
111. ARCE, Liwayway D.
112. ARCENAL-NOGRA, Aiiza Fiel A.
113. ARELLANO-AGUDA, Jesusa Loreto A.
114. ARGABIOSO, Antonio S.
115. ARGENIO, Kareen May E.
116. ARIAS, Jolienne Lee D.
117. ARIOLA, Aimee Riza S.
118. ARIOSA, Gia L.
119. ARITAO, JR., Benjamin E.
120. ARNADO, Richard M.
121. ARQUILLO, Ruby B.
122. ARTUZ, Pearly Sheila F.
123. ARZADON, Romino G.
124. ASENCION, Marissa R.
125. ASUNCION, III, Isaiah O.
126. ATAS, Richelle L.
127. ATENSOR, Joseph Brian A.
128. ATIENZA, Catalino C.
129. ATIENZA, Katrina Catherine P.
130. ATIENZA, Leynard B.
131. ATIENZA, Verdie J.
132. ATOS, Richelle Mae G.
133. AURO, Christian V.
134. AUTENTICO, Ana Michaela N.
135. AVELLANO, Christine F.
136. AVISADO, Ethel C.
137. AYENG, Adelaide Nancy Sybil G.
138. AYO, Danilo M.
139. AYUNGO, Theodorick K.
140. AZARRAGA, Juliet C.
141. AÑOVER, Paul Vincent W.
142. BA-ALAN, Orlando A.
143. BACARAMAN, Nur Jaypha R.
144. BACLAY, JR., Oliver P.
145. BACLAYO, Ruby T.
146. BACOLOR, Heidi F.
147. BACON, Edwin M.
148. BACONG, Jeanie Rose A.
149. BAETIONG, Joselito M.
150. BAGGAYAN, Ma. Jonalyn F.
151. BAGSIT, Liza Flor T.
152. BAGUIO, Fritz B.
153. BAHIAN, Rachelle I.
154. BAHJIN, II, Jainal Abidin Y.
155. BAI, Muhlis S.
156. BAJENIO, Webb I.
157. BALANGCOD, Christobal J.
158. BALANGITAN, Mark Jeff W.
159. BALANON, Maxlen C.
160. BALBOA, Conrada A.
161. BALDOVINO, Renoir O.
162. BALLARAN, Armi L.
163. BALLINAN, John Dale A.
164. BALMEO, Trinidad V.
165. BALTAR, Jonathan Z.
166. BALTAZAR, Jay Francis P.
167. BALTAZAR, Ma. Francesca Q.
168. BANAGUI, Leah B.
169. BANALAGAY, Harold Howell D.
170. BANDONELL, Marinel F.
171. BANIQUED, Marigel M.
172. BANSON, JR., Ceferino W.
173. BANTASAN, Joel C.
174. BANZON, Melissa Suzette L.
175. BAQUIRAN, Monalyn Ann L.
176. BARATA, Erwin N.
177. BARCENAS, Ligaya Victoria U.
178. BARIL-LLEGUE, Josefina M.
179. BARIN, Anna Gayle T.
180. BARING-PRIETO, Aiza Marie M.
181. BARRIOS, III, Isidro B.
182. BARTOLOME, Harold Ian V.
183. BARTOLOME, Prescila D.
184. BARTOLOME, Vincent Vos R.
185. BARTOLOME, JR., David S.
186. BARTOLOME, JR., Gaudencio P.
187. BASA, Fernando C.
188. BASANES, Karla Kristine L.
189. BASCO, Diana Joyce N.
190. BASILGO, Gembeth G.
191. BATAC, Regina C.
192. BATALLA, Maria Phenny Joan G.
193. BATE, Nover M.
194. BATHAN, Maricris E.
195. BATU, Kasarinlan S.
196. BAUTISTA, Cliff John C.
197. BAYOTAS, Michael Darwin M.
198. BAYSAC, Dianna Lynne S.
199. BAÑAGA, Myra Janina P.
200. BAÑEZ, Emerson S.
201. BEJA, Ma. Jela Teresa S.
202. BELARMINO-RUMA, Brenda R.
203. BELEN, Vernon A.
204. BELENA, Persephone Meir B.
205. BELLEZA, John M.
206. BELMES, Mae Richelle B.
207. BELMONTE, Mary Elizabeth (marybee) M.
208. BERAN-BARAOIDAN, Catherin B.
209. BERIANA, Charlene A.
210. BERMEJO, Ma. Teresa Ana V.
211. BERMEJO, Maricel F.
212. BERNABE, II, Regina V.
213. BERNALES, JR., Marcial P.
214. BERNARDINO, Aida S.
216. BERON, Jay Cesar I.
217. BESSAT, Madeleine A.
218. BIBAL, Joanne Mae A.
219. BIGOL, Maria Victoria B.
220. BILONGILOT, Joana Q.
221. BIRON, Jose Noe James S.
222. BONDAD, JR., Rodolfo A.
223. BONGAR, Kharen Lee P.
224. BONGHANOY, Liewellyn F.
225. BORJA, Haidee O.
226. BORJA, Jacqueline Q.
227. BORRA, Katrina P.
228. BRACIA, M. Melvin B.
229. BRAGADO, Joel Emilio F.
230. BRAGAT, Maria Lourdes C.
231. BREGALA, Dennis B.
232. BRILLANTES, Fel Lester G.
233. BRINGAS, Catherine S.
234. BRION, Francis C.
235. BRIONES, Estrellita B.
236. BROCALES, Christopher Redeemson R.
237. BROTONEL, Jo Katrina V.
238. BRUAN, JR., Cesario B.
239. BUBAN, Josephine M.
240. BUENA, Delbert Clifford V.
241. BUENDIA, Cristina B.
242. BUENO, Cheryl F.
243. BUGA-AY, Vicente Fidel C.
244. BUGAOAN, Eric Vincent H.
245. BUGHAO, Melvin Cydrick M.
246. BUHAIN, Camille R.
247. BUNDOC, Jacqueline C.
248. BUNGABONG, Kurt Adolph C.
249. BURDAS-CASTRO, Arlie R.
250. BURDEOS, Sherry Joy O.
251. BURGOS, Ma. Lourdes S.
252. BUSI, Barrytone A.
253. CABADING, Marilex L.
254. CABALI, Pearl Grace G.
255. CABALLERO, Maynard G.
256. CABANGON, Ley A.
257. CABANILLA, Cris Francis O.
258. CABANSAG, Glynis Lyn R.
259. CABIC, Ellen Aster B.
260. CABOTEJA, JR., Romeo O.
261. CABRERA, Cherrie Mae S.
262. CABRERA, Maria Christine C.
263. CABRIDO, Candice Elizabeth A.
264. CACATIAN-BARANGAN, Freniza Joy D.
265. CACAYURAN, Sheryll P.
267. CACHAPERO, Marty P.
268. CACHO, Arlene Valerie G.
269. CADIOGAN, JR., Randolph C.
270. CAINTO, Angela Faith L.
271. CAINTO, Leo V.
272. CAJIGAL, Wilbur R.
273. CAJILIG, Geraldine A.
274. CALAGUI, Eric-john S.
276. CALAMBA, Winsor B.
277. CALATRAVA, Ira R.
278. CALDE, Nimreh L.
279. CALDE, Roland P.
280. CALINISAN, Rafael Vicente R.
281. CALPO, Ma. Lourdes Gaye T.
282. CAMACHO, Alva C.
283. CAMANDERO-GURO, Kristine M.
284. CAMARA, Mark Darwin A.
285. CAMPANER, Francisco M.
286. CANDELARIA, Desiree G.
287. CANIBA, May A.
288. CANTALEJO, John Dale A.
289. CANTIL, Jason A.
290. CANTIMBUHAN, Veron Joy J.
291. CAPARAS, Melanie C.
292. CAPINPIN, Michael Joseph C.
293. CAPUSEN, Dimsey J.
294. CAPUYAN, Julifaith C.
295. CARDENAS, Maria Josella Teresa M.
296. CARILLO, Mae Jill B.
297. CARINGAL, Carlos M.
298. CARINGAL, Glenda Leah A.
299. CARITOS, Rona Ann V.
300. CARIÑO, Arbin Omar P.
301. CARIÑO, Marlon M.
302. CARLOS, Roy E.
303. CARMONA, Sheila Minnelli V.
304. CASTASUS, Lee Guian Paulo O.
305. CASTIL, Rico C.
306. CASTILLEJO, Raymond Christle N.
307. CASTILLO, Eleazar E.
308. CASTILLO, Javerick G.
309. CASTILLO, Ma. Christina G.
310. CASTILLO, Paul Cornelius T.
311. CASTILLO, JR., Emmanuel F.
312. CASTRO, Allan R.
313. CASTRO, Carmencita D.
314. CASTRO, Cyril Alfred S.
315. CASTRO, Elvira Joselle R.
316. CASTRO, Jose Romulo L.
317. CASTRO, Lorelei A.
318. CASTRO, Rohail R.
319. CATALO, Janice C.
320. CATAPANG, Dyan Kristi C.
321. CATAPANG-ROSALES, Luzviminda C.
322. CATIBAYAN, Luis Manuel M.
323. CATRE, Mary Christine Charisse G.
324. CATRE, JR., Noel Christian G.
325. CAUILAN, Joey L.
326. CAUNAN, Patricia Yvonne M.
327. CAYANGA, Edelisa May M.
328. CAZEÑAS, Mary Dezerie D.
329. CAÑAL, Renato E.
330. CAÑAMO, Peter B.
331. CAÑEDO, Jose Ritche O.
332. CAÑEDO, JR., Florenz O.
333. CAÑETE, Ferdinand C.
334. CAÑO, Maria Janice B.
335. CECILIO, JR., Uldarico P.
336. CEDEÑO, Al Joseph V.
337. CENIZA, Yvonne C.
338. CENTENO, Joseph Darren C.
339. CEREZO, Jimbert A.
340. CERVANTES, Leonardo Roy A.
341. CHAN, Marvin A.
342. CHAN, Phil Ivan A.
343. CHANECO, Maria Cecilia V.
344. CHANYUNGCO, Caleen T.
345. CHAO-AYAN, Lalaine Y.
346. CHAVEZ, JR., Raul B.
347. CHAVEZ-BERNARDO, Anunsacion P.
348. CHING, Betha Fe A.
349. CHIONG, Kristine Vanessa T.
350. CHOI, Christina T.
351. CHONG, Juan Ruffo D.
352. CHUA, Joan A.
353. CHUA, Jon Anton Daryl Y.
354. CHUA, Marites L.
355. CHUA, Maximilian .
356. CHUA CHENG, Perfecto Adelfo C.
357. CIRILO, Kristine Ria N.
358. CLARIN, Armando T.
359. CLARINO, Madonna N.
360. CLEMENCIO, Djhoana Gene A.
361. CLEMENTE, Katrina O.
362. CLOMA, Melissa D.
363. CO, Janice L.
364. COBSEN, Martinelli R.
365. COLES, Christopher R.
366. COLINIO, JR., Ricardo A.
367. COLLANTES, King George Leandro Antonio V.
368. COMAFAY, JR., Errol B.
369. COMAHIG, Niño Rey P.
370. CONDEZ, Christina Faye M.
371. CONDEZ, Dustin Jay A.
372. CONDOR, Glenn D.
373. CONSEBIT, Norlyn P.
374. CONSTANTINO, Alvin Joseph G.
375. CONSTANTINO, Bernie Francis B.
376. CONSTANTINO, Cherry Mae M.
377. CONSTANTINO, Placido S.
378. CONTRERAS, Monaliza G.
379. CORGOS, Lenon Jay A.
380. CORNEL, Bernadette O.
381. CORPUZ, Christine C.
382. CORPUZ, Cynthia C.
383. CORTES, Santos Anthony O.
384. COSTELO, Arnold C.
385. COTIAMCO, Casiano Anthony G.
386. CRESPO, Alesandro G.
387. CRISTOBAL, Kristan Carlos M.
388. CRUZ, Agatha Paula A.
389. CRUZ, Anthony Ronar B.
390. CRUZ, Carmenez B.
391. CRUZ, Ferdinand O.
392. CRUZ, Karl Cornelio A.
393. CRUZ, JR., Rene P.
394. CRUZ-MENDOZA, Karen Kaye C.
395. CU, Migñon Chrix D.
396. CUA, Mary Kimberly G.
397. CUBERO, John Paul B.
398. CUEVAS, Brian James C.
399. CUGAL, Arnold V.
400. CUIZON, Cyril Bryan D.
401. CULANCULAN, Ma. Cherryl M.
402. CUMITAG, Gaius P.
403. CURAZA, Maria Aurora R.
404. CUSTODIO, Niersen C.
405. CUÑADA, Jp Anthony D.
406. CUÑANO, Paul Michael J.
407. DAAYATA, Jessamine M.
408. DABU, Maria Helen T.
409. DACLAN, Eller Roel I.
410. DACQUEL, Denny A.
411. DAGARAGA, Roschelle B.
412. DALANAO, Heidiliza G.
413. DALANGIN, JR., Bart Q.
414. DALLO, Zorayda R.
415. DANAO, Catherine S.
416. DANLAG-LUIG, Razel A.
417. DANO, Richard M.
418. DATOON, Teresita U.
419. DAVID, Kristine Kay S.
420. DAVID, Timothy J.
421. DAYAG, Wilhelmina Mojet S.
422. DE CASTRO, Thomas John Thaddeus F.
423. DE GUZMAN, Rico J.
424. DE GUZMAN, III, Ricardo C.
425. DE JESUS, Michael Ken R.
426. DE JUAN-HERMOSO, Maribeth L.
427. DE LA CRUZ, Kareen P.
428. DE LARA, Joel M.
429. DE LEON, Cyril F.
430. DE LEON, May Angeli G.
431. DE LEON, JR., Hernan Ed Noel L.
432. DE LOS SANTOS, JR., Ricardo C.
433. DE LUNA, Sherwin M.
434. DE PERALTA, Christian G.
435. DE VERA, Celina S.
436. DE VEYRA, Juan Carlos J.
437. DEFANTE, Divi Bless G.
438. DEL SOCORRO, Lloyd Ismael O.
439. DELA CHICA, Jose Jay E.
440. DELA CRUZ, Allen S.
441. DELA CRUZ, Donna Cher A.
442. DELA CRUZ, Eric B.
443. DELA CRUZ, John Gerald B.
444. DELA CRUZ, June Abigail S.
445. DELA CRUZ, Marie Francesca Luz O.
446. DELA PAZ, Carmela T.
447. DELA PEÑA, Aldin P.
448. DELA RAMA, Myra P.
449. DELFIN, Jeremy Diosana
450. DELGADO, Julius Gregory B.
451. DELOS REYES, Grace Maria Theresa Bambi A.
452. DELOS SANTOS, Mar Angelo G.
453. DEMETILLO, Jasmin M.
454. DERIGAY, Rachel F.
455. DIANO, Melanie Rita B.
456. DICIANO, Rachel I.
457. DIDAL, Janice M.
459. DIMAISIP, Joyce Jazmin G.
460. DIMANLIG, Nicole Ava S.
461. DINO, Jan Paulo DL.
462. DIONISIO, Mary Jaynard P.
463. DITAN, Maria Cristina A.
464. DIVINAGRACIA, Angiebel A.
465. DIVINO, Markson E.
466. DIÑO, Dominic A.
467. DOCDOCIL, Edith A.
468. DOMINGO, Bernard Joseph E.
469. DOMINGO, Johnson V.
470. DOMINGO, Joyce Felisa B.
471. DOMINGO, Maria Paula B.
472. DOMINGUEZ, Ina Alexandra A.
473. DOMINO, Julie Ann B.
474. DORIA, Arnold V.
475. DUEÑAS, Niña Genoveva D.
476. DUNGCA, Joy F.
477. DURAN, Alain Zam C.
478. DURAN, Marie Christine A.
479. DURANO, Mylene M.
480. DY, Denise S.
481. DY, Mark Robert A.
482. DYKIMCHING, Eric T.
483. EBREO, Madonna L.
484. EDUARTE, JR., Henedino Joseph P.
485. ELANG, Muiz-za M.
486. ELE, Maria Felicitas V.
487. ELOT, Beda Joy B.
488. ENOPIA, Frederick A.
489. ENTILA, Julius C.
491. ESCAUSO, Ronald C.
492. ESCOLANO, Ida Marie V.
493. ESGUERRA, Roman S.
494. ESPEJO-BIAG, Angela Patrice A.
495. ESPELA, Melan M.
496. ESPINELI, Karen Jill M.
497. ESPINO, Alain Paul B.
498. ESPINOSA, Mark B.
499. ESPIRITU, Kristine Nicole M.
500. ESPONILLA, Neil P.
501. ESQUEJO, Hilda L.
502. ESQUIVIAS, Julius Thomas A.
503. ESTOCAPIO, Rene C.
504. ESTOLAS, May Angeli M.
505. ESTRELLA, Paula Sophia G.
506. EUSTAQUIO, Magnolia D.
507. EVANGELISTA, Rafael A.
508. FABIAN, Marie P.
509. FABILLAN, Alexanderwerk E.
510. FAJARDO, Jean S.
511. FAMOR, Orwin Lloyd M.
512. FARIÑAS, Cherry Dane A.
513. FAURILLO, Michelle A.
514. FAVIS, Maria Cristina D.
515. FAVORITO, Meliza F.
516. FELICIANO, Dennis P.
517. FELIPE, Jennifer D.
518. FERNANDEZ, Ennoh Chentis R.
519. FERNANDEZ, Maricel D.
520. FERNANDEZ, Mc Jill Bryant T.
521. FERNANDEZ, Suzie A.
522. FERNANDEZ, IV, Cristobal R.
523. FERRER, Maricris S.
524. FERROLINO, Concepcion Zeny E.
525. FERROLINO, Ted M.
526. FLORES, Aldwin Z.
527. FLORES, Ellen Grace R.
528. FLORES, Pedrito B.
529. FLORES, Sherwin D.
530. FLORIA, Joselea Y.
531. FOZ, Justice Anthony A.
532. FRANCISCO, Mariel L.
533. FRANCISCO, JR., Philomel D.
534. FRANCO, Karin-lei N.
535. FRISNEDI, April Joy L.
536. FUENTEBELLA, Felix William B.
537. FUENTES, Ruth C.
538. FULE-LOGAN, Kathy Luisa G.
539. FURIGAY, Mark Leo P.
540. GABIHAN, Dennis R.
541. GABOR, Allan Jae V.
542. GABRIEL, Daisy Ann S.
543. GABRIEL, Sherry Anne C.
544. GACUTAN, Sheila C.
545. GAELA, Frederick C.
546. GALANG, Emmanuel L.
547. GALANTO, Mary Anne B.
548. GALAPON, Martin C.
549. GALVAN, Mark J.
550. GALVEZ, Hernando C.
551. GALVEZ, Mechelee Kieth F.
552. GAMBOA, Joan Lou P.
553. GANA, Joanna Kristine S.
554. GAPATAN, Jasmine Ann B.
555. GARCIA, Grace P.
556. GARCIA, Jesse James A.
557. GARCIA, Kerwyn D.
558. GARCIA, Marc Jeremiah R.
559. GARCIA, Maria Khristina Z.
560. GARCIA, Marisa P.
561. GARCIA, Mark Evarra M.
562. GARCIA, Michael P.
563. GARCIA-GABRIEL, Aura Rizza A.
564. GARRUCHO, Gretchen Y.
565. GATDULA, Eddielyn L.
566. GATURIAN, Lalaine T.
567. GAVAS, JR., Ernesto R.
568. GAY-YA, Jerico G.
569. GAYAGAY, Romelyn B.
570. GEALON, Rey M.
571. GEBILAGUIN, Shiela D.
572. GELBOLINGO, Juliemie B.
573. GENUINO, Erwin F.
574. GEOCANIGA, Rommel T.
575. GERMAN, Dainelee V.
576. GIANAN, JR., Lino A.
577. GIGA, Marlou C.
578. GIGANTONE-CADIZ, Shemidah .
579. GO, Abigail V.
580. GO, Erdelyne C.
581. GO, Ormil D.
582. GOLEZ, Sylvester P.
583. GOMEZ, Ira Jordana Margrethe M.
584. GOMEZ, Jacqueline Ann Marie O.
585. GOMEZ, Mark Louie L.
586. GOMEZ, Michael Geronimo R.
587. GOMEZ, Patricia Isabel O.
588. GOMINTONG, Jemarose G.
589. GONZALES, Ivy C.
590. GONZALES, Lifrendo M.
591. GONZALES, JR., Cesario G.
592. GONZALEZ, Archimedes B.
593. GONZALEZ, Rosario Carmela B.
594. GORRES, Angelina Luisa V.
595. GRANDE, Charlemagne Angelo C.
596. GREGORIO, Anah T.
597. GREGORIO, Jenneth M.
598. GRIMALDO, Ivy Joy R.
599. GUAN, Ina Claire B.
600. GUARNES, JR., Felix G.
601. GUAYCO, Gideon Rey V.
602. GUERRERO, Alejandro Epifanio D.
603. GUERRERO, Feliz Marie M.
604. GUERRERO, Kathleen Phyllis P.
605. GUEVARRA, Melanie O.
606. GUEVARRA, Rexford D.
607. GUMABON, Joseph Ray P.
608. GUMATAY, JR., Efren G.
609. GUMBAO, Ethyl Fe T.
610. GUNGON, Flora Fe B.
611. GUYO, Muamar A.
612. HAMOY, Owlette Christine Jill D.
613. HARON, Noharddin M.
614. HASSAN, Najira S.
615. HASSIMAN, Jalsidrie T.
616. HERNANDEZ, Elaine May P.
617. HERNANDEZ, Helen Grace S.
618. HERNANDEZ, Robert A.
619. HERNANDEZ, Rosette M.
620. HERNANE, Herbert B.
621. HERRERA, Catherine N.
622. HIPOLITO, Maria Bienvenida Angelica D.
623. HORCASITAS, Harold M.
624. HUECAS, Roy V.
625. IDAGO-BELINO, Irma Gay G.
626. IGNACIO, Maria Theresa Distajo .
627. ILAGAN, IV, Ruben R.
628. ILUSTRISIMO, Beverly F.
629. INIHAO, Reymund G.
630. INOCENCIO, JR., Miguel C.
631. ISIDORO, Augusto Eric C.
632. ISRAEL, Johnny W.
633. ISRAEL, Marilyn M.
634. JACOB, Jihan A.
635. JALA, Majesty Eve L.
636. JAM, Madeline Arezu T.
637. JAMBANGAN, Bambeth Mahal C.
638. JARA, Thacher C.
639. JARAMILLA, Gilbert M.
640. JAVIER, Doris C.
641. JAVIER, Kirby G.
642. JAVIER, Nesly Joy S.
643. JAVILLO-AGUILA, Lilibeth M.
644. JAYSON, Renelyn B.
645. JIMENEZ, Vicente S.
646. JONES, Ramon Jose E.
647. JOSOL, Mary Kathleen C.
648. JOVEN, Melissa Genevieve B.
649. JUAN, Eric R.
650. JUMUAD, Harold A.
651. JURADO, Leonard Peejay V.
652. JURILLA, Keenan Rhys Y.
653. JUSAY, Kenneth J.
654. KAKIHARA, Jiro G.
655. KALIM, Abdul Rashid P.
656. KAPALAC, Judemar V.
657. KIMAYONG, Zozimo P.
658. KINTANAR, Maria Ysidra May Y.
659. LABINE, Annie Rose L.
660. LABRADOR, Felmanda C.
661. LABRIAGA, Ma. Jessette G.
662. LACSON, Rosstum C.
663. LADERA, IV, Antonio V.
664. LADORES, Ivan Mark S.
665. LAGAN, Rachel Lee V.
666. LAGUDAS, JR., Eulogio L.
667. LAGULA, Kristina V.
668. LAGUNZAD, Sam Dominic T.
669. LAJA, Leah Easter P.
670. LALUNA, Ma. Isabel Z.
671. LAMBO, Ma. Celeste R.
672. LAMPACAN, Andres Arnold W.
673. LAO, Kristyn Jean R.
674. LAOLAO, JR., Antonio L.
675. LARA, Maria Leah R.
676. LARDIZABAL, Judy A.
677. LARGO, Nelson V.
678. LARGOZA, Salvador Gregorio L.
679. LARIBA, Ma. Gloria Alphine S.
680. LARIOSA, Jessie A.
681. LASAM-CUMAGUN, Mari-grace C.
682. LAURESTE, Florida L.
683. LAURON, Manuel Patrick K.
684. LAYGO, Jennifer E.
685. LAZARITO, Khristine Kay M.
686. LEDESMA, Cheryl Marie V.
687. LEE, Janice C.
688. LEE, Kelvin Lester K.
689. LEE, Marjorie B.
690. LEGASPI, Bellatrix O.
691. LEGASPI, Joan Michelle M.
692. LEUNG, Florendo L.
693. LEYCANO, Andrea B.
694. LEYVA, Eunika Lesli R.
695. LIANGCO, Daryl G.
696. LICERA, Geony P.
697. LICERALDE, Ma. Elizabeth L.
698. LICO, Marisse Gay G.
699. LIGMAYO, Paul D.
700. LIM, Bryan S.
701. LIM, Laarni Victoria B.
702. LIM, Lovely E.
703. LIMBING, Cheryl T.
704. LINCUNA, Duke Ramil P.
705. LLANES, Lawrence Q.
706. LOCAYLOCAY, Amife Joan C.
707. LOCSIN, Ryan A.
708. LOFRANCO, Vicar Loureen G.
709. LOGRONIO, Jennie Ann T.
710. LOPEZ, Dhonadette L.
711. LOPEZ, Michael Angelo O.
712. LOPEZ-ORO, Corazon Natividad D.
713. LORENZO, Edmond B.
714. LORENZO, Neil E.
715. LUARDO, JR., Edgardo B.
716. LUCERO, Rhoan G.
717. LUCILA, II, Roberto Rafael N.
718. LUIS, Benjamin S.
719. LUMACTOD, Joseph Eric C.
721. LUMEREZ, JR., Cresente B.
722. LYNN, Jacques S.
723. MABANES, April Rose S.
724. MACABANDO, Samina S.
725. MACABAYA, Beryl Concepcion O.
726. MACAPAGAL, Ferdinand L.
727. MACAPAGAL, Michael T.
728. MACAPAGAL, Paolo P.
729. MACARUBBO, Epifania B.
730. MACATANGAY, Augusto Leon A.
731. MACATANGAY, Michael Remir H.
732. MACAYRA, Marianne M.
733. MACEREN, Lyndon A.
734. MACOY, Cristine L.
735. MACTAL, Walter L.
736. MADRILEJO, Leonides M.
737. MAGISTRADO, Luis D.
738. MAGNABE, Kirk Andrew T.
739. MAGSOLING, Carl A.
740. MAGTIBAY, Medwin B.
741. MAGTUBO, Rey E.
742. MAHAWAN, Benison M.
743. MAHINAY, Girlie C.
744. MAHIPUS, Diosdado Angelo Junior R.
745. MALABAG, Maria Rhodora A.
746. MALABANAN, Karen M.
747. MALANDAC, Clariza P.
748. MALAPOTE, Paul Edgar F.
749. MALAYA, Milagros Evans I.
750. MALIBIRAN, Bernard Joseph B.
751. MALIGAYA, Greg Zacarias M.
752. MALLARI, Katrina Bianca H.
753. MAMBA, Maria Rosario S.
754. MANABILANG, Haroun Bin Omar E.
755. MANALASTAS, Dennis Gerard F.
756. MANALAYSAY, Andrea Celene M.
757. MANALAYSAY, Anna Karin F.
758. MANALIGOD, Ismael T.
759. MANALO, Paul Erik D.
760. MANANGHAYA, Maria Melinda S.
761. MANANZAN, Monica J.
762. MANAOG, Mary Hazel C.
763. MANAOIS, Fely Reina V.
764. MANCENIDO, Uella Vida V.
765. MANGENTE, Myra S.
766. MANGUBAT, Rhea M.
767. MANLANGIT, Angelo D.
768. MANONGAS, Queen Ann D.
769. MANSILUNGAN, Donna D.
770. MANTE, JR., Urbano T.
771. MANUBAG, Amiel Joaquin E.
772. MARABE, Ridgway C.
773. MARAON, Leah B.
774. MARAPAO, Lord V R.
775. MARASIGAN, Jennifer M.
776. MARASIGAN, Nerissa L.
777. MARGARICO, Paul Andre R.
778. MARGATE, Karl Anthony R.
779. MARIANITO, Ronel A.
780. MARIANO, Emmanuel M.
781. MARQUEZ, Joyce Marie B.
782. MARQUIÑO, John Mark C.
783. MARTELINO, Jobert M.
784. MARTHO, Edgar S.
785. MARTIN, Karl Francis S.
786. MARTIN, Nilo N.
787. MARTINEZ, Amelia Cristina V.
788. MARTIZANO, Leah T.
789. MARZAN, Antonio F.
790. MARZO, Lailani C.
791. MASACAL, Anwar U.
792. MATA, II, Reynold DG.
793. MATEO, Eleanor R.
794. MATIAS, Dexter G.
795. MATILLANO, Lovely Concepcion C.
796. MAURICIO, Paul Vincent R.
797. MAXIMO, Dinah P.
798. MAÑALAC, Maria Elizabeth S.
800. MEDRANO, Jayferson F.
801. MEER, Rafael Antonio P.
802. MENDOZA, Claudie M.
803. MENDOZA, Exzon B.
804. MENDOZA, Gerald Al P.
805. MENDOZA, Justin Christopher C.
806. MENDOZA, Melinda Cielo C.
807. MENDOZA, Sunshine D.
808. MENDOZA, Winston Aris M.
809. MENESES, Hermielita M.
810. MENOR, Benjie Benjamin A.
811. MENOR, Dianna Kathrina C.
812. MERCADO, Charade B.
813. MERCADO, Jihan Carla T.
814. MESINA, Maria Merle M.
815. MICIANO, Renee Lynn C.
816. MIGUEL, Genalyn N.
817. MILITANTE, Karen Leslie N.
818. MILLAN, Sharon B.
819. MIRANDA, Romina M.
820. MISA, John Paul Louis D.
821. MISON, Rafael Jaime A.
822. MOISES, Mary Grace D.
823. MOLAS, Karen Lisette T.
824. MOLDEZ, Mary Glenn T.
825. MOLINA, Christian Dawn G.
826. MON, Maricar F.
827. MONJARDIN, Marc Lee N.
828. MONSALUD, Kristin Ayn D.
829. MONTEALEGRE, Cheryll Grace H.
830. MONTEALTO, Stahrl Khristine G.
831. MONTECER, Marie Concepcion A.
832. MONTESCLAROS, Marius T.
833. MONTINO, Raul R.
834. MONTON, JR., Higino A.
835. MORADA, Joyce Marie Antoinette L.
836. MORALEDA, Karla Monica S.
837. MORALES, April Raine B.
838. MORALES, Reggie E.
839. MORALLOS-OMAR, Maria Laarni N.
840. MORANDO, Jovit R.
841. MORCILLA, Rea L.
842. MOSQUEDA, Carmela V.
843. MOTRIL, Helen Grace A.
844. NACARIO, Jupiter V.
845. NADELA, JR., Raul A.
846. NAMALATA, Joeffrey D.
847. NARAG, JR., Mario Atanasio P.
848. NARAWI, Jullie Mael M.
849. NASDOMAN, Johnson P.
850. NATINO-FALALIMPA, Kristin Marie L.
851. NATIVIDAD, Christian D.
852. NATIVIDAD, Maria Cecilia G.
853. NAVARRO, Ma. Cristina T.
854. NEBRIJA, Michael V.
855. NEMENZO, Ann Marie L.
856. NEPOMUCENO, Alex B.
857. NEPOMUCENO, Ann Sophie M.
858. NERI, Mark Peter G.
859. NERO, Ma. Josenia A.
860. NGAMIOTEN, Many S.
861. NGO, Tom Jayson O.
862. NICOLAS, Kristian A.
863. NICOLAS, Menilba M.
864. NILLO, Aquino Martin V.
865. NIONES, John Paul D.
866. NOCETE, Randy F.
867. NOCHE, Kristen G.
868. NODQUE, Vida Grace Z.
869. NOGOY, Ivy Grace B.
870. NOLASCO, Charisma I.
871. NOLASCO, Leonid C.
872. NOLASCO, JR., Ramon C.
873. NUEVO, Shirley O.
874. NUÑEZ, Victor Maria D.
875. OBIAL, Florence Ed T.
876. OBTINALLA, JR., Simeon C.
877. OBUS, Jose Julius P.
878. OCAMPO, Francis Louie U.
879. OCAMPO, Nancy M.
880. OCAMPO, Rory Jorge L.
881. OCANG, Jeffrey James G.
882. OCHE, Jonathan S.
883. OCHOA-SARMIENTO, Faustina Victoria E.
884. OLARTE, Rosemarie T.
885. OLIDAN, Maria Karen S.
886. OLIVAR, Carlo U.
887. OMADTO, Jeffrey P.
888. ONDOY, JR., Fermin D.
889. ONG, Cezar S.
890. ONGKIKO, Emil Bien F.
891. ONGSIAPCO, Carmela S.
892. ONIA, JR., Modesto F.
893. ONTALAN, Frances Mae Cherryl K.
894. ORDAS, Nathalia V.
895. ORENCIO, Donna O.
896. OROLA, Christopher George L.
897. OROPILLA, Majellyn N.
898. ORTEGA, Luz Matilde Niña Dorotea T.
899. ORTIZ, Ianela Carla M.
900. ORTIZ, Ruel A.
901. OSORIO, Fair Lady T.
902. OVALLES, Franchesca T.
903. OÑATE, Ronald G.
904. PABALAN, Analyn T.
905. PACIO, Maricar P.
906. PACOLI, Marco Antonio G.
907. PACURIBOT, Jennifer C.
908. PADAYAO, Renchi May M.
909. PADERANGA, JR., Goering George A.
910. PADILLA, Jennifer G.
911. PAGHACIAN, Chiqui H.
914. PAGLINAWAN, George Ahmed G.
915. PAGTAKHAN, June Ann R.
916. PAGUICAN, Adrian D.
917. PAGULAYAN, Amorsito B.
918. PAGULAYAN, Domiciano A.
919. PAGUNTALAN, Mark Geoffrey P.
920. PAHUGOT-TOLEDO, Anatrinel T.
921. PALABRICA, Gladys Pearl T.
922. PALAO-GUARINO, Dioanne B.
923. PALILEO, Anya M.
924. PALISOC, Marianne R.
925. PALMA, Richard Alfred N.
926. PALMES, Jacqueline H.
927. PALOMO, Alaine Arnolf A.
928. PAMFILO, Floralie M.
929. PAMONAG, Ronilo L.
930. PANCHO, Frela S.
931. PANES-POTUTAN, Janeth O.
932. PANGANIBAN, Jefren P.
933. PANGAPALAN, Glen A.
934. PANGHULAN, Garry A.
935. PANGILINAN, Erlyn Aurea T.
936. PANIS, Rhuel D.
937. PAQUEO, Alwen M.
938. PARADERO-GUZMAN, Katharine Freida B.
939. PARAOAN, Karl Patrick N.
940. PARAÑAL, Marveluna A.
941. PARDIAN, JR., Joseph L.
942. PAREJA, Randy M.
943. PAROJINOG, Gemma F.
944. PASCUA, Charity L.
945. PASCUA, Ramar Niel V.
946. PASCUA, Raymond Joseph D.
947. PASCUAL, Rigor R.
948. PASTELERO, Miguel Antonio B.
949. PASTORES, Stella Angela G.
950. PATAJO, Jose Paolo A.
951. PATRIARCA, Richard P.
952. PAYLIP, Rosevee R.
953. PEGARIDO, Erlyn M.
954. PELANDOC, Rico S.
955. PELAYO, Virgie Lynn O.
956. PERALTA, Arjay N.
957. PERANG, Dennis C.
958. PEREZ, Gene Vincent G.
959. PEREZ, Joseph Brian T.
960. PEREZ, Ma. Kathryn Joy Q.
961. PERILLO, Patrick Simon S.
962. PESCADOR, Jeremy L.
963. PESTAÑO, Rose Mae F.
964. PEÑALOSA, Wilfred Ramon M.
965. PHUA, Marc Achilles M.
966. PICHAY, Jane Laarni O.
967. PILLADO, Noreen A.
968. PINEDA, Cristina Mia S.
969. POBLETE, Jonathan Sixto M.
970. POBRE, Christopher H.
971. POLITICO, Jeicqpoi N.
972. PONFERRADA, Regidor A.
973. PONSARAN, Joy Marie B.
974. PONSARAN, Raizuli A.
975. PONTANAL, Alpha Carole O.
976. PONTEJOS, Fiona G.
977. PONTIOSO, Rhea Mae A.
978. PRADO, Crystal I.
979. PROSIANOS, Myrtle B.
980. PUA-NG, Janelyn S.
981. PUASO, Garry Franco C.
982. PUGOY, Roland Jun S.
983. PULMA, Dionne E.
984. PUNO, Charles Michael T.
985. PURUEL, Rojane M.
986. PUZON, David Julian G.
987. PUZON, Kaythreene Eunice G.
988. QUAN, Ryan Jeremiah D.
989. QUE, Nanette A.
990. QUERRER, Janice S.
991. QUEZON, Don-vic P.
992. QUIDATO, Sherwin Paul E.
993. QUILENTE, Mary Grace C.
994. QUIMPO, Maria Kristine A.
995. QUINAGAN, Cristina Mae G.
996. QUINTANA, Rizza R.
997. QUIRINO-ABALOS, Sylvia Maria Anna P.
998. QUITAIN, Elizabeth F.
999. QUITAIN, Katherine F.
1000. QUIZO, Mary Therese P.
1001. RABAGO, Rey S.
1002. RABORAR, Eden R.
1003. RACHO, Melanie V.
1004. RADJAIE, Tareeq Yahya Timhar A.
1005. RAFAL, Chris A.
1006. RAGASA, Jerleah Remedios B.
1007. RAGAY, Mera Jane C.
1008. RAIMUNDO, Rhudilyn April B.
1009. RAMIREZ, Leslie B.
1010. RAMIREZ, Shaina Anella B.
1011. RAMOS, Anna Lorem R.
1012. RAMOS, Gemma Lou P.
1013. RAMOS, Ginalyn Y.
1014. RAMOS, Patrick T.
1015. RAMOS, III, Primo A.
1016. RANARA, Lilibeth R.
1017. RANCES, Domnina T.
1018. RANCES, Esther Rose N.
1019. RAPISTA, Judy Marie E.
1020. RAYMUNDO, Vanessa C.
1021. RAZON, Judy B.
1022. RECINTO, Alex G.
1023. RECIO, Marichelle B.
1024. RECTA, Gracea Hephzibah R.
1025. REFAZO, Mynoa M.
1026. REFE, Analyn E.
1027. REGIS, April Love C.
1028. REMIGIO, JR., Glenn A.
1029. REMULLA, Giselle B.
1030. RENEGADO, Renato C.
1031. RENOMERON, Timm B.
1032. RESURRECCION, Maria Greta R.
1033. REUYAN-DABON, Joyous S.
1034. REVILLA, JR., Quirino P.
1035. REYES, Antoinette E.
1036. REYES, Irene Patricia N.
1037. REYES, John Adelbert L.
1038. REYES, Johnson G.
1039. REYES, Kristine Mari I.
1040. REYES, Mark A.
1041. REYES, Ron Winston A.
1042. REYES, Valerie Jill S.
1043. RIBAS, James Paul J.
1044. RICAFORT, Evita Mariz M.
1045. RICO, Ellen S.
1046. RIVAMONTE, Ryan B.
1047. RIVAS, Polaris Grace H.
1048. RIVERA, Augustine A.
1049. RIVERA, Francinina Gracia I.
1050. RIVERA, Joy S.
1051. RIVERA-ESTRELLA, Jaycee R.
1052. ROBILLO, Ernesto Raphael V.
1053. ROBLES, Frederick Joe N.
1054. RODRIGO, III, Romeo G.
1055. RODRIGUEZ, Karen Joyce D.
1056. RODRIGUEZ, Niño A.
1057. RODRIGUEZ, Renel Joseph T.
1058. RONGO, Marcelino C.
1059. ROQUE, Anna Kristina D.
1060. ROQUE, Nelson Silvestre .
1061. ROSALES, Juvy Grace E.
1062. ROSARIO, Albert R.
1063. ROSARIO, Lotis P.
1064. ROSELLO, Jalika Mae F.
1065. ROVERO, JR., Vicente F.
1066. ROXAS, Chino Paolo Z.
1067. ROXAS, Johndy B.
1068. ROXAS, Rea M.
1069. RUANTO, Chris Paolo R.
1070. RUBENECIA, Vic Allan E.
1071. RUBIO, Carl Andrew M.
1072. RUIZ, Ariel N.
1073. RUIZ, Cholyn Mae M.
1074. RUIZ, Jose Meno C.
1075. SABARRE, Rino E.
1076. SABARRE-INFANTE, Rosario E.
1077. SABERON, Paul Richard A.
1078. SABIO, Fides Angeli G.
1079. SADANG, Felton C.
1080. SADIA, Francisco F.
1081. SAGA, Alvin L.
1082. SAGAUINIT, Kenneth C.
1083. SAGMON, Ingrid P.
1084. SAGPAEY, Jake A.
1085. SAHIRON, Lilian I.
1086. SAIDDI, Pherham S.
1087. SAJILI, Aquino J.
1088. SAKANDAL, Al-kadam A.
1089. SAKKAM, Eric Ismael P.
1090. SALA, Mashur S.
1091. SALADAGA, Romeo A.
1092. SALAZAR, Armida B.
1093. SALAZAR, Didith A.
1094. SALAZAR, Doris Sharry P.
1095. SALAZAR, Johnsen A.
1096. SALAZAR, Roberto A.
1097. SALCEDO, Karl Andre G.
1098. SALE, Jenny U.
1099. SALEM, Ephraim Garnet M.
1100. SALIENTE, Jacqueline Kate T.
1101. SALONGA, Christianne Grace F.
1102. SALUD, Joseph B.
1103. SALVA, Jocelyn T.
1104. SALVE, Allan O.
1105. SALVO, Ariel C.
1106. SAMONTE, Aren Marie H.
1107. SAMPIOR, Jorrey T.
1108. SAMSON, Benjamin R.
1109. SAN JOSE, Aiza Katrina L.
1110. SANCHEZ, Bheejhay D.
1111. SANCHEZ, II, Jay Karel P.
1112. SANTIAGO, Genesi M.
1113. SANTIAGO, James A.
1114. SANTIAGO, Jay Patrick R.
1115. SANTIAGO, Joann Norpeth M.
1116. SANTIAGO, Michael M.
1117. SANTOS, Jhon V.
1118. SANTOS, Ma. Angelica M.
1119. SANTOS, Melissa A.
1120. SANTOS, Michelle Sharon Clara C.
1121. SANTOS, Phillip Charles G.
1122. SANTOS, Regina Azucena G.
1123. SAQUETON, Maria Cresenciana M.
1124. SAQUING, Sheryl B.
1125. SARENAS, Jason Kyle M.
1126. SARMIENTO, Ramon Abraham A.
1127. SARNO, Michael Angelo C.
1128. SATURNINO, Charles Ian O.
1129. SAYAO, Rosemarie B.
1130. SECILLANO, Jefferson C.
1131. SEE, Mary Kimberlie C.
1132. SEGURA, Richelle R.
1133. SELPATEN, Rodante C.
1134. SEMA, Omar Yasser C.
1135. SENO, Andrei P.
1136. SERRANO, Edward Robinson P.
1137. SERRANO, Juanito D.
1138. SESE, John Martin H.
1139. SETIAS, Lorevi Grace C.
1140. SEVA, Farrah Mae R.
1141. SEVILLA, Miracle Joy P.
1142. SIA, Teresa Geraldine C.
1143. SIA, III, Quintin P.
1144. SIAO, Kristin Charisse C.
1145. SIASON, Alfonso Miguel ML.
1146. SIH, Davidson Rich L.
1147. SILANGA, Donnalee G.
1148. SILVALA, Michael Philip B.
1149. SINOGBA, Rosalio S.
1150. SIRUNO, Christian Paul G.
1151. SISON, Adrian Manuel P.
1152. SISON, Anna Marin F.
1153. SISON, Jeffrey Michael F.
1154. SISON, Sarah Maria Q.
1155. SISON-JAVIER, Sheila Marie V.
1156. SOBERANO, Maria Jomah F.
1157. SOJOR, Alvie Marie L.
1158. SOLANO, John Albert S.
1159. SOLERO, Dhalya Grace M.
1160. SOLIDON, Trina Joy A.
1161. SOLIS, Carlo Roberto C.
1162. SOLIVAS, Jasmine L.
1163. SOMBRITO, Jenny Mae Z.
1164. SOMERA, Helen Grace J.
1165. SORIANO, Donna S.
1166. SORIANO, Marlon U.
1167. STA. ANA-LAZARO, Bernadeth N.
1168. STA. ROSA, Karla A.
1169. SUBEJANO, Z’sa May B.
1170. SUBIBI, Arneil B.
1171. SUELO, Risha Mae J.
1172. SUGUE, Neil Anthony L.
1173. SUGUI, Louella S.
1174. SUGUITAN, Sara Jane A.
1175. SUMAGAYSAY, Nasty Jones S.
1176. SUMPO, Gilda A.
1177. SUSON, Mary Ann W.
1178. SY, Anthony Jordan L.
1179. SY, Maritess C.
1180. TABANERA, Lynnicel L.
1181. TABLATE, Jaemarie N.
1182. TADEO, Ryan T.
1183. TAGABING-GALANO, Lovelorn S.
1184. TAMAYO, Ray Jean D.
1185. TAMON, Bernard O.
1186. TAMPON, Aaron L.
1187. TAN, Art Laurent A.
1188. TAN, Ashley Lene N.
1189. TAN, Christine Joy K.
1190. TAN, Eunice Hyacinth L.
1191. TAN, Francis Ambrosio S.
1192. TAN, Norma A.
1193. TANDOG, Frances Cyrille F.
1194. TANGONAN, III, Eugenio N.
1195. TANGUANCO, Alvin B.
1196. TAPAYAN, Olive Grace A.
1197. TAPIA, Arvin Q.
1198. TAYLAN, Kathrine S.
1199. TE, Marilyn O.
1200. TECSON, Arlene Grace DV.
1201. TECSON, Ferdinand C.
1202. TED, Rosbie I.
1203. TELAN, Allison Zoila M.
1204. TELAN, Melissa Anne M.
1205. TEMPROSA, Charmie Clare T.
1206. TEODORO, Edison C.
1207. TEODOSIO, Therese T.
1208. TIMBOL, Chrysostom T.
1209. TIMBREZA, Nannette M.
1210. TINAZA, Leah B.
1211. TIPAN, Erlinda Candy S.
1212. TIU, Heli B.
1213. TOLEDO, Marjorie Ann C.
1214. TOLENTINO, Mark Kristopher G.
1215. TOLENTINO, Rommel T.
1216. TOLOSA, JR., Benjamin S.
1217. TOPACIO, Anthony Leonard G.
1218. TOQUERO, Ismael A.
1219. TORBELA, Paolo G.
1220. TORMES, Francy D.
1221. TORMIS, Maria Carmen R.
1222. TORREDES, Artemio Jay G.
1223. TORRENTIRA, Aldrin O.
1224. TORREVILLAS, Manuenilda Rosario A.
1225. TORRIL, Jennifer M.
1226. TRINIDAD, Rudyard Anthony M.
1227. TRIPOLI, Christopher P.
1228. TUAZON, III, Jerome Victor C.
1229. TUBBAN, Henry Junior B.
1230. TUMANENG, Angeline M.
1231. TUPAS, Gene Carl L.
1232. TUTOR, JR., Fidel S.
1233. TY, Robert Leo C.
1234. UBOD, Ronel A.
1235. UDARBE, Dendo G.
1236. UGALINO, Karen Anne M.
1237. ULANDAY, Marcelo N.
1238. UMILA, II, Benito B.
1239. UNTALAN, Mialeen C.
1240. UY, Jerilee V.
1241. UY, Juan Carlos T.
1243. VALDEHUEZA, Christian L.
1244. VALENZUELA, Carol G.
1245. VALERA, JR., Joseph D.
1246. VALLEJO, Jenny May G.
1247. VARGAS, Carlo Alessandro B.
1248. VASQUEZ, Gerald DL.
1249. VEGA, Marie Crystal May C.
1250. VEHEMENTE, Renato R.
1251. VELASQUEZ, Cielito May T.
1252. VELASQUEZ, Kaima Via B.
1253. VELASQUEZ, Shirley G.
1254. VELOSO, Marius Fitzgerald E.
1255. VENERACION, Ma. Theresa S.
1256. VER, Christian Francis C.
1257. VERANO, Samuel C.
1258. VERGARA, Manolo Geoffrey C.
1259. VERGARA, III, Melito A.
1260. VILLABLANCA, Reymond Q.
1261. VILLAMOR, Jordana Day V.
1262. VILLAMOR, Michael Angelo A.
1263. VILLAMOR, Vimari D.
1264. VILLANIA, Reynold B.
1265. VILLANUEVA, Karl Anthony B.
1266. VILLANUEVA, Monica Isabelle I.
1267. VILLANUEVA, Wilnerson B.
1268. VILLARIÑA, Glenn C.
1269. VILLASFER, Dennis R.
1270. VILLEGAS, Adelwiza S.
1271. VILLEGAS, Jonathan C.
1272. VILLEGAS, II, Enrique C.
1273. VILLENA, Charito R.
1274. VILLENA, Katherine C.
1275. VILLEROZ, Raymond C.
1276. VIRAY, III, Marcial Joseph M.
1277. VISTO, Jay M.
1278. VITAL, Menita J.
1279. WADINGAN, Lisle D.
1280. WATANABE, Ayako S.
1281. WEE SIT IV, Manuel M.
1282. WONG, Jessa G.
1283. WONG, Lynvic M.
1284. XAVIER, Ela R.
1285. YABUT, Michael C.
1286. YADAO, JR., Arturo Y.
1287. YAMBAO, Marissa C.
1288. YANOGACIO, Mariel A.
1289. YANSON, Juvy D.
1290. YANTO-VIRAY, Catherine A.
1291. YEBAN, Ryan John T.
1292. YPULONG, Rhyne A.
1293. YU, Frederick T.
1294. YUMUL, Bess Joy M.
1295. YUTATCO-SZE, Gloriosa P.
1296. YUZON-CHAVES, Kristine Rosary E.
1297. ZALES, Marvin L.
1298. ZALSOS-UYCHIAT, Maria Paz Teresa V.
1299. ZAMBRANO, Sheryl Jane C.
1300. ZAMORA, Ysabel Maria J.
1301. ZAMORAS, Joseph Ian S.
1302. ZAPANTA, Andrei J.
1303. ZAPATA, Ronadale M.
1304. ZARA-RESURRECCION, Jennefer F.
1305. ZARAGOSA, Jinky C.
1306. ZARENO, Michelle May I.
1307. ZIPAGAN, Myra T.
1308. ZOLETA, Tristan Ysaak M.
1309. ZOSA, Athena M.
1310. ZOSA, III, Manuel Eufracio F.

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