Given its founding partner’s specialization in Labor and Employment Law, the firm is particularly proud of its involvement and expertise in almost every facet thereof, from Labor Standards issues such as compensation and benefits restructuring in mergers and acquisitions to all aspects of Labor Relations from organization, training, and hiring of labor components to avert labor disputes, certification elections, intra- and inter union disputes, collective bargaining negotiations, formulation, and CBA administration, grievance machinery procedures, strikes and lockouts, and employee relations.

The firm has represented various entities before the Department of Labor and Employment and its Regional Offices, the National Conciliation and Mediation Board, and the National Labor Relations Commission in termination and other employment disputes, union representation, and grievance management such as strikes and lockouts. It has been active in maritime and admiralty claims involving the Protection and Indemnity Clubs, an association of shipowners who band together for the purpose of providing insurance cover on the various aspects of shipping operations, in the Philippines and abroad, particularly in the United Kingdom.