A very wide and multidisciplinary field of specialization, the Intellectual Property Group is involved in trademarks, patents, and copyright registration, assignment, licensing, enforcement, and protection in conjunction with other licensing procedures imposed by other regulatory bodies such as the Bureau of Product Standards of the Department of Trade and Industry , the Department of Science and Technology, and the Bureau of Food and Drugs of the Department of Health.

The firm has a reputable and service quality-oriented Intellectual Property Practice Group adept in all facets of this multi-disciplinary field of specialization, inclusive of the following: Trademark Registration and Maintenance ;Handling of Cases and Administrative Proceedings before the Philippine Intellectual Property Office and other government agencies ;Patent Registration of Inventions, Utility Models, and Industrial Designs ;General Intellectual Property Litigation (Infringement, Unfair Competition, Enforcement Remedies, including detection and investigative services concerning parallel importations, Anti-Dumping, imposition of Tariffs, the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), and other Regional and International Trade agreements and treaties ;Copyright Registration Genetic Engineering, Biotechnology, Bioethics ; Plant Variety Registration and Protection .Registration and Protection of Domain Names inclusive of implementation of Privacy and Security Protocols;.E-commerce Fraud Detection, Regulatory and Tax Neutrality Issues, including Third Party Processing (TPP) and Merchant Solutions Performance and Fraud Monitoring through established online institutional gateways; Computer Forensics .Protection of Commercial and Trade Secrets and Implementation of Security Protocols .Food and Drug Laws Licensing and Regulations; In-House , Interest Groups, and/or Industry-Wide Program Implementation of Legislation and Regulations on Anti-Piracy and Counterfeiting; Licensing, Franchising and Technology Transfer; Protection, Enforcement, and Security Issues on Information Technology and Telecommunications ;Product and Service Standardization (Bureau of Product Standards, Department of Trade and Industry; ISO) ;Systems Audit and Monitoring (Internal, Co-external, Industry-wide) ; Local, International, and Industry Based Alternative Dispute Resolution and Enforcement of Arbitral Awards.

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