Life After Annulment in the Philippines


For most people, the decision to get an annulment is a difficult one, especially in the Philippines where it is still somewhat of a taboo. But after deciding to go ahead with it, consulting with annulment attorneys, and going through a tortuous psychological evaluation, not to mention the cost and time to complete all the steps necessary for the  process of annulment, you are now faced with a life—so much different from the one which you lived for many years. So what can you expect ? Will it be the same as your life before you got married ? Most likely not, what with children, mortgage, and career now staring you in the face.

1) Being alone is not so bad after all. When you were deciding whether or not to get your annulment, one thing that ran through your mind surely must have been the thought of being alone in life. This becomes especially significant when your children are all grown up with lives of their own. You probably got cold feet thinking about spending the rest of your life all by yourself. But then you  went through with it and decided to move on. Surprisingly, you discover that now you have more time for yourself and to do the things you have  always wanted to do.

2) Your relationship with your children is at an all- time high. In the context of marriage, expectations are bound to be high. You had to tiptoe around the feelings and different viewpoints of your husband or wife insofar as your children were concerned. If they are young enough to still need your constant presence, the fact that you have more alone time with them without worrying about what your partner will think, will allow you and your children to be more open and candid about your relationship.

3) Lessons learned. We all make mistakes and you may have made the biggest mistake of  your life when you married somebody who did not share your perspectives in life. Emerging from this realization  should guide you when you are ready to  look for a partner. Lesson learned. Move on.

4) Happiness is a choice. People who have their marriages annulled are stereotyped to be unhappy creatures who are perceived to be living in a spiritual limbo. Surprisingly, those who have chosen to end an unhappy marriage prove to be the happiest. Gone are the uncertainties and doubts which preceded the decision to obtain the annulment in the Philippines. Free at last.  No more lawyers and psychologists going through your most intimate moments. No more judges. No more reading about terms like psychological incapacity, collusion investigation, child custody, and child support.  Enter a new you.

5) Life is exciting again. The drudgery of daily life filled with subordinating what you want with the needs of other people in the family  have jaded your outlook of life. Heck,  it must be so depressing.  Your annulment gives you a new start, a new beginning in life. It is time you take the challenge . Life is too short to spend on uncertainties.

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