An earlier  blog discussed the need for a definitive list of lawyers and attorneys in the Philippines.  That was just a week ago and we contented ourselves with a list of the recent members of the Philippine Bar. To immediately contact a lawyer, CLICK HERE. But the wonders of technology have allowed us to merge the Roll of Attorneys of the Philippine Supreme Court up to 2003, with the lists of attorneys from the same site from 2004 to 2009, arranged alphabetically for easy searching using Microsoft Excel. The masterlist is by no means an infallibly compete list as it includes lawyers and attorneys who may probably be deceased already or who may not be actively practicing law. Readers may click on the following link for information purposes only, but are encouraged to seek official certification from the Supreme Court of the Philippines or the Integrated Bar of the Philippines if they doubt the credentials of a particular attorney. We are excited about this development, but we have future and rather ambitious plans of coming out with a list of lawyers and attorneys in the Philippines of good standing with both the Philippine Supreme Court and the Integrated Bar of the Philippines, less those who have passed on to final judgment and definitely weeding out those who did not even pass the Philippine bar but who are passing themselves off as lawyers and attorneys.





(To view names of lawyers admitted to the 2010 bar , please refer to a separate list on this blog)



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  1. i have encountered a cocky bullying person who has been telling everybody that he is an attorney. he uses this to intimidate others. so i searched for his name on the list and his name wasn’t there. is there anything i can do legally that can put him in his place?

  2. salamat po at mayroong site n kagaya nito. ask ko lng po kapag ka private attorney mga magkano ang kanilang hinihingi? sabi po kc ng father ko galing po sa PAO ung attorney n kinuha nila kaso ang laki n mn ng hinihinging pera posible ba iyon?

  3. It will be very helpful if you could come up with the list of disbarred lawyers and those who have been disciplined. This will be a strong reminder for lawyers to keep the nobility of the profession and protect themselves from public shame if they do some thing stupid. It will be a deterrent for corrupt practitioner to prey on their innocent prey and also a warning of some sort to prospective clients who wants to hire the services of those in the law profession.

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  5. may i suggest also that you add the current address or at least the affiliation. i just had an encounter with a certain law office about a case that was referred to me. I called up to verify the branch where that law office supposedly filed the case and a personnel refused to give me details and said i don’t sound like a lawyer and even mocked me. i am filing a complaint against that person but i really don’t know if the lawyer he named is really a lawyer or that he knows about it so i’d like to get in touch with him to be fair to him. the name given was only a nickname plus a family name. thanks.

  6. Hi Sir,

    I just wanted to ask if this is a complete list of all Lawyers including 2010? 🙂 If a person who claims to be a Lawyer is not in the list, is it safe to Assume that one is pretending to be a lawyer? Please let me know? thank you so much! 🙂

    Best Regards,

  7. Hi, I would like to know if the list here are all confirmed oath takers from the Supreme Court list or are these the list of lawyers as per the list from the bar examination passers


  8. I went to the office of Atty. Ramiro Osorio in Batasan , Quezon City, but the office is no longer there. I would like to get a certified true copy of my docs , since mine were lost in Manila. The taxi were not able to contact me in whatsoever. Can you provide me a new address and a contact number of this honorable lawyer please?
    I will gladly appreciate this favor for I have to furnish these copies to the QC MTC in 10 days from today.
    You can reach me at 09208031989. I am from Davao City.

  9. The download stops at 70% and it shows file error; server was reset, etc. The list will really help us to initially verify lawyers. Can you email it to me instead on the given address? Thanks a lot.

    1. Thank you for writing in. We tested the link and it seems to work fine with our servers. Please note that the list is a “Read Only” File with security features so it can’t be altered when downloaded.

  10. Hello,

    I have downloaded the list of lawyers and I’ve checked that there were two lawyers in the list who were active but have fooled us. We are their clients before and they have asked for petition fees,but never heard from them eversince. What are the things we could do to get our money back from them or report them to the IBP?



    1. Hello Leo:

      Sue them and report the misdeeds with the Integrated Bar of the Philippines. They are a disgrace to the profession and should be stricken from the list. Note, however, that the list is that of ALL lawyers and attorneys who have been admitted to the Philippine Bar. But your letter brings out a good point, in that there should be a list of lawyers and attorneys in the Philippines who have either been disbarred or who have been disciplined by the Supreme Court. That should be shorter list, I hope. Thank you for your letter. We will look into the situation and see if we can come up with this “short list”.

      1. Hello may I ask if there’s atty. Alex M. Go from quezon city because I’m looking for his name if he’s real .would love to hear any feedback from you . Thanks and Godbless.

        From: Merry Rose

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