Adoption in the Philippines

The firm’s practice is divided into the two categories of local and inter-country adoption under the Philippine Domestic Adoption Act ( R.A. 8552 ) and the incorporation of the provisions of the Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption into the statute books of the Philippines via Republic Act No. 8043.

The Family Law department has been in the forefront of pioneering litigation involving complicated issues on Adoption Law, such as the efforts to convince foreign jurisdictions to recognize the bona fides of local adoptions for purposes of applying for a dependent’s visa for the subject child under the auspices of the Hague Convention, seeking exceptions to such requirements as residency of the adopters, relation, prior criminal record of both the adopter (foreigner or Filipino) and the natural parents (on the issue of whether or not consent would be necessary).

Considering the firm’s presence in the U.S. mainland, it can ably assist in the process of obtaining an intercountry adoption, including the documentation involved, both from the perspectives of the receiving country (the U.S. or any other foreign jurisdiction) and the Philippines as the sending country. This has effectively reduced the costs involved for the client limiting the retention of only one law firm to complete the entire process.